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Best Interior Design Brands for Modern Country Interiors

21 June 2018

As an interior designer I’m often asked for advice on the best interior design brands and where I source my fabric, furniture, lighting and other accessories. I get inspiration from all sorts of different locations and events (such as Paris Design Week), so narrowing down to just a few brands is an extremely difficult choice but these suppliers are ones I love, that work for modern country interiors and are wonderful people to work with.


To me George Smith is the king of upholstery and their pieces are worthy ones to invest in. Using traditional tools and techniques their quality is unsurpassed and the classic shapes will never date.

If you have visited hotels such as Babington House you will have sat on their wonderful pieces. And chances are totally fallen in love with them due to the comfort as well as how beautiful they look. If I could have the choice of one brand to source a Chesterfield, George Smith would always top my list.

interior design brand george smith
interior design brand george smith

Molly is a textile designer who offers textiles, wallpapers and homewares that are colourful, unique and fun. Her style is an abundance of colour, pattern and texture, yet they never overwhelm a room. I think they add such charm to an interior.

Molly specialises in block printing but has now diversified her lovely designs to stationery, bedding and tableware. Her gorgeous block print fabrics are inspired by her travels to India as well as her desire to bring more colour into people’s lives. Molly Mahon is also based in Sussex which is another reason I love this designer!

Photo credit: Sarah Hogan

interior design brand molly mahon fabrics

Designers and manufacturers of high quality decorative lighting, Vaughan is my go to source for lighting. The brand is suitable for both traditional and modern country interiors their choice is fantastic and the quality is always guaranteed.  My favourite product is their Twig wall light, which I used in the Cotswolds project for Justin Van Breda. I also have my eye on them for my own house!

interior design brand vaughhan lighting

Soane is a quintessentially British interior design brand. It is defined by the exceptional quality of their craftsmanship, quirky yet elegant design, and a very English sense of humour. Soane makes all its designs in workshops in Britain and encourages the preservation of traditional crafts, such as wickerwork and saddlery. Soane has a strict policy to ensure that British-made and British materials means just that. Their furniture, lighting, fabrics and wallpapers add such atmosphere to a room. I adore their upholstery and dining chairs in particular. Like George Smith, these are investment pieces but will become family heirlooms that will pass the test of time.

interior design brand soane
interior design brand soane wallpaper

I discovered this brand a few years ago and have used many of their designs in my interior design projects. For me these rugs are all about texture and for a modern country home texture is essential to add warmth and create atmosphere. These rugs combine modern design with traditional handicraft techniques. They come in a wide range of designs but best of all are custom weaved to your own colour requirements using cotton, wool or linen yarns. So you can get exactly the right colour rug for your home. I’m such a fan that I’m about to buy one for my own studio

Image credit: Justin Van Breda – furniture by Justin Van Breda and rug by Vandra rugs.

interior design brand vandra rugs

If you would like help sourcing unique and special items from different interior design brands for your home then please get in touch. If you are also planning your own interior design project then have a look at my top tips for renovating a listed house and my golden rules for interior design.