Modern Country Hotel Style Bedroom Inspiration

13 December 2018

I’m often asked how I get inspiration and ideas for bedrooms. A very simple source of inspiration is from the modern country house hotels that have reinvented the English country look. I’ve outlined below my favourite hotels for inspiration. The thing they all have in common is the way they combine traditional furniture with modern and fresh colour palettes and layers of texture.  This to me is the successful formula for creating laid back luxury and an effortless elegance that works for modern country life.


Barnsley House is a boutique hotel in the Cotswolds. Part of the reason I’m such a fan of Barnsley House is because I got married there! But the reason I really fell in love with this hotel was because it was one of the first hotels to embrace a more modern country approach.  What Barnsley House does so well is to work with simple calm colour palettes but to layer with texture.  So in their bedrooms they use tonal palettes (one colour but in differing tones to create interest) or very simple palettes combining calm colours. This creates a sense of relaxation and understated luxury. There’s more information about colour scheme ideas here. 

Barnsley House Hotel Bedroom Design
Barnsley House Hotel

I visited this hotel a couple of weeks ago and was really inspired by the interiors. It has two main buildings, with a slightly different style but still with a modern country feel. I particularly loved the Garden House, with its warm and welcoming atmosphere.  It exudes an English country charm without feeling stuffy.

The manor house is more luxurious and glamorous, with a romantic style. It embraces the recent trend towards more opulent English style interiors that celebrate traditional furnishings and patterns. But it does this in a clever way. By using fresher, more modern colour palettes and gentle textures it feels the opposite of chintzy.

Beaverbrook Hotel Bedroom
Beaverbrook Hotel Bedroom Design

Heckfield Place has recently won Hotel of the Year from The Times. Its interiors accentuate its wonderful original Georgian features and reflect the simplicity of its woodland surroundings.  It is respectful of the heritage of the house and uses simple local materials. What I really love about this hotel is the use of natural materials and simple lines. Texture is introduced with oak timbers, beautiful Irish linens, rough lime plaster and hand woven matting on the floor . When combined with the muted walls and subtle dashes of colour  it has such an understated elegance and calm feel.

Heckfield Place Bedroom Design

The hotel taps into the trend for simple rustic interiors that still feel luxurious. Stripped back to bare wood floorboards layered with textured rugs, this hotel is snug and cosy, with a laid back luxury and unpretentious charm. Take this example of one of their bedrooms. It uses natural materials such as the bare wood and combines with more sumptuous fabrics to create atmosphere. I also love the simple colour palette which feels calm and relaxing.

The Pig at Coombe Hotel Bedroom Design

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you would like to discuss your own modern country project or are interested in Interior Design in Sussex do get in touch.